Diario Chaco

Diario Chaco


Diario Chaco is one of the first Digital Newspaper in the Nort of Argentina, it has thousands of readers all the time and is one of the most prestigious media of the region.

This Digital Newspaper has a large team of Journalist working all day to provide good quality news to the Chaco Province, with content of the entire country and the world.


They were needing to upgrade the current platform to something new, the previous website had a lot of problems and it was not performing well with high traffic when the got important news, the website was crashing.



We provide developments team to build the design they have created, we did the implementation using Drupal since it was the strongest platform to implement this kind of site. We also have created the infrastructure to support the site and the high traffic using Nginx, MySQL, Varnish among other tools.

The site continues with their own growth and is not having more downtime since then.

We help to make it happen