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Reading Rainbow® first launched in 1983 as a children’s television series designed to encourage reading.  Creators WNED-Buffalo, Lancit Media Productions, and Great Plains National Instructional Television ultimately produced 155 episodes over the next 26 years,  becoming the third longest running children's TV series in US history. 

Famed actor/director LeVar Burton, best known for his distinguished TV roles — most notably Kunta Kinte on ROOTS and Geordi La Forge on STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION,  hosted each episode and served as Executive Producer.  

If you want to know more of RRKidz, please watch this video hosted by their curator LeVar Burton, better known for his role as Geordy Laforge






Today Reading Rainbow is a company that offers Educational Digital Media Content for Children. They have iPad, Kindle and Web applications to distribute their content to children's in all the world.

In order to access to their awesome educational content you need to pay a subscription with credit card.

Schools also can get access to specific educational content, the can get access for an entire classroom or event the entire schools. Teachers can control and monitor their students activities with amazing reports in the EDU platform.


We work with their team creating a the Web Platform for the children and parents so they can follow and monitor their childrens to know which books have they read, how much time they have spent in thoses books, in which devices they are using the account and much more.

This dashboard also is the access point to buy and renew subscriptions to RRKidz, we were responsables for the new E-Commerce platform over this new site.

For Schools, we were on charge to implement the entire version for Schools, Admins, Teachers, Childrens and Parents to get access to the Educational Web App. This was a long and challenging project that is running since 2015.

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