Digital Marketing


Your application is beautiful, is stable, is running with the best infrastructure, your customers are happy and your employees too. The next step is to get more customers, in order to do that you'll need to advertise and generate digital campaigns to reach new customers and make your client base growth. We can cover this spot with the following services.

  • Community Management

  • Adwords Campaigns

  • Facebook Ads Campaigns

  • Twitter Ads Campaigns

  • Customer Segmentations

  • Ads Creation (Flash / HTML5 / GIF / Static)

  • Email Marketing

  • Analytics Research

  • Custom Marketing Applications


Also, we can help you to monetize your application including ads providers to your solution and optimizing the best presentations for ads in order to get more impressions or clicks depending on your advertisement model. We can integrate services as

  • Google Adsense

  • Google DFP

  • Infolinks

  • Ayboll

  • Taboola

  • E planning


Last but not least, to get more customers you'll need SEO / SEM strategy, we can improve your site with the best tags and other SEO practices to be crawled perfectly by the web crawlers.

  • SEM

  • Webmaster Tools

  • Bing Webmaster Tools

  • Google Analytics

  • Sitemaps

  • Microdata

  • Social Network Tagging


We help to make it happen