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Genies is a Web3 company that provides the tools that allow people to manifest ideas and experiences as an avatar ecosystem. An avatar ecosystem consists of avatars, fashion and collectibles, spaces and venues, and social experiences.


Los Angeles - USA


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The CMS began with the need of a custom content management system for Genies to allow creation and management of media assets and NFTs. We worked on it for 2 years, where it grew from a tool to create, edit and publish images and videos, to a full NFT minter interacting directly with DapperLabs blockchain.

Based on the client’s initial requirements, we began the planning by defining, analyzing and estimating user stories, goals and deliverables. We kicked off the project with our design team working on the UX/UI design of the CMS, which finished with the delivery of a prototype that allowed us to reach a solid understanding of the project, test and validate requirements with the client. Once the initial design was approved we started the implementation.

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The CMS initially consisted of a frontend built using VueJS, that interacted with a Laravel API which consumed data from a MySQL database. As it’s usual with our workflow, we used GIT for version control and containerized the application with Docker to allow for a better development and deployment process.

We had a team of frontend and backend developers and a QA analyst working full time on the project, along with our UX/UI design team when developing and modifying features.

With time, Genies’s business needs evolved, and so did the CMS. On the journey we incorporated more functionalities, and concluded the final version of the CMS transforming it to a full NFT creator, minter and manager. At the same time, our devops engineers incorporated a complete infrastructure mounted on AWS services with multiple development and testing environments, automated tests and deployment pipelines.

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1 Project Manager

3 Frontend Developers

3 Backend Developers

2 DevOps Engineers

2 UX/UI Designers

1 QA Analyst


2 years


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Custom Content Management System

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User interviews

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Frontend Development

Backend Development

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Blockchain / NFT